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Youth Entrepreneurs

Through the Youth Entrepreneurship program, the California Black Chamber of Commerce works to develop our next generation of entrepreneurs and future leaders. They strive to promote leadership in students who want hands on experience and exposure to economic development and small business advocacy. This program provides students the opportunity to acquire skills and build vital business and personal networks that will enhance their effectiveness as future business owners.


For the past 8 years Yadari’s CEO, Tara Lynn Gray, has Facilitated the Youth Entrepreneur Summit held in August every year as part of the larger Ron Brown Commerce Summit & Gala.   The 2011 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, sponsored by Citi and Verizon:Green Business Development program was unique not only because it was multi-ethnic and disproportionately focused on students from disadvantaged families, but also because of the type of training and high level of hands on experiences we provided. The program included relevant business topics and industry focus; access to industry leaders; technology; and industry information – all with a focus on the ever developing green economies in the US and abroad. Jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities were examined through guided activities some group and some individual in focus.  For more information please contact us.


Watch the video highlight of a past Youth Summit program.

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