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Web Design & Development

Web Development is any and all things to do with making your presence on the Internet work for you.  At YADARI, we think that means starting with a website that POPs , then creating a digital strategy, and finally working your strategy by implementing social media marketing campaigns.

Does your website POP? 
Good web development is about making your website POP is about making it perform for you and your business.  POP stands for Productive, Optimized, Proactive.
The first web development P in POP stands for Productive – Good design is key to an appealing site but far more important than a catchy design is how a website will function.  Behind distinctive design is well thought out execution and delivery.  Good ideas are exactly that, ideas but in order for an idea to turn into a functional web site, logic has to be applied and processes implemented to make it real.  Real enough to attract visitors and communicate your message.  It is this movement from a vague idea to an actionable and specific set of content is the hardest part of website development.  It is the specific and actionable content that will drive the productivity of your website.  You will want to use a Content Management Software (CMS) to build and manage your website.  This will make your website data driven with dynamic pages. With a good foundation you will be able to add information, modify pages, and create new campaigns quickly and easily.  This is important because being productive is about accelerating performance because time does not stand still.

In our race to do more , better, and faster each day, we have to look for ways to automate and optimize what we can in order to make better decisions, manage time, communicate with our team members all the while remaining profitable in our core business activities. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the “O” and the kind of optimization that can make your website POP! You will want optimization for every kind of content you intend to publish. Optimization is rewarded by the search engine for being clear and user-friendly.  Optimization is less about the technical stuff than it is about making content that is clear , strategic , and understood by the search engine bots. Basic optimization includes title tags and meta description.  Your title tag is usually an indication of what the page is about and appears in the tab and search engine as a link to the website itself.  It may also appear in social media websites.  The meta description is usually viewed by the user as a description of a website when listed in the search engine results therefore the description should use your keywords and concisely state the purpose of your page. When properly optimized, the meta description should be approximately 150 characters since the search engines usually truncate anything more. For more advanced optimization, use the 3 Common optimization techniques for video, news, and image search to increase your search engine rankings.
The last P in web development POP is about being Proactive.  Being proactive is the convergence of search, content, and social marketing in one place – POP goes your website! When your website is proactive, it has the right mix of content types that are fully optimized, and are proactively communicating your message.  With a proactive site you are collecting information from your visitors, analyzing their behavior and responding to them with emails and social campaigns that cal them to engage with you and your online presence.  The heart of your digital strategy calls for regular , focused, social campaigns that are integrated with your social media accounts, adwords, video, and telephone activities.
Developing a website that POPs involves applying the right standards, software, and security and executing them for a complete 360 degree view of your operation, both internal and external. The right technologies include content management software and systems, analytics, multimedia, messaging, social campaigns, data back up, managed services, and more.

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