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No IT staff? No problem!

Build Your Business with YADARI BT Masters Program™ , Small Business Technology Training

Do you ever get frustrated when you need help with your computer systems, printers, CRM, or Email? Does it ever seem that your systems only act up when you or your staff need them the most?  We take the confusion out of small business technology for entrepreneurs.  Our goal is to teach you what you need to know and give you piece of mind.


The YADARI BT Masters Program™

is a 6 month semi-private, intensive small business technology training program for a select group of business owners who commit to growing their business through proactive specific business technology goals and achieving business optimization and reduced technology and support costs.


We introduce clients to new business technologies that save them an average of 30 to 50% each year.  We’ve proven that proactively managing your business technology always costs less than reacting to problems after they occur.  We believe that your business technology infrastructure should be a profit center for your business – not a cost center.


With YADARI BT Masters Program™, you get the answers you need from qualified professionals when you need them – before an emergency.

Overview of Program

Who: Entrepreneurs, Solo-preneurs, Road Warriors, Professional Corporations, CPAs, and Consultants who want to increase their productivity and return on investment in their IT infrastructure in less than a year. This is a six-month intensive BT Masters Program for a select group of  individuals.


Where: Every month, we will meet as a group for a 60-minute, interactive, web-based program. In between, we will collaborate in a private online site to share insights and expertise. Each person will participate in two monthly, individualized coaching calls with our professional team.


When: The next program begins August 23, 2013 and lasts six months.


Why: Practically no one—fewer than 2% of small businesses —has a disciplined, measurable, proactive IT infrastructure. Really, it’s common sense, but not common practice, and it is the key competitive advantage.

The Business Case

When you optimize your business with proactive IT infrastructure :


    You gain trust and credibility with your customers ;
    You shorten your sales process;
    You collect more of your receivables;
    You ace-out your competition;
    You have no additional “hard costs” just your time.


How: Prior to BT Masters Program start, we will coordinate with each person to establish small business technology training goals for the program, expected outcomes, and to develop your unique learning plan.  BT Masters Program is designed with you, the small business owner, in mind.


Qualifications: Participants must be serious about growing their businesses.

BT Masters Program Includes

All YADARI Small Business Technology Training program content including brand new mobile marketing 2013 products.

Monthly group sessions: During each themed session, we will work on various IT topics, conduct role-plays, and you will complete IT activities between sessions. The group sessions begin on Friday, August 23 at 9:30 a.m. Pacific.

Work-IT-Out sessions: Two monthly, 60-90 minute, one-on-one private sessions with us.

Email and phone access to us–forever

Private online group collaboration: Topics will span all IT and business operations matters, and high-value suggestions will be made for mobile marketing, websites, blogs, social media, network monitoring, etc.

Guest expert speakers on specialized business technology and operations topics.

One, in-person group session in the Sacramento Area. Not required, but strongly encouraged.


What i$ it worth to you?

It’s time to make growth happen every single day. No other IT training or business operations approach comes close to the results you get from optimizing your IT infrastructure.  You can anticipate at least a 20% to 30% increase in total revenue, shorter sales cycles, and bigger deals with our program.


BT Masters Program means transforming your sales, support, and operational approach.  What is substantial growth and more profit worth to you?  Decide if your answer justifies your investment of $894.00: $149 a month for six months. Do more. Spend Less with YADARI BT Masters


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