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Social Responsibility

As a certified small, minority, woman-owned business, YADARI is aware of the challenges faced by today’s small business owners.  As a result of this awareness, social responsibility is an integral part of everything we do, and a key to our success.


At Yadari, we are committed to the education, development and empowerment of the small business community.  We want everyone in our community to have the chance and opportunity to succeed, so we place an emphasis on targeting small business entrepreneurs and leaders of underserved populations.


Our commitment to social responsibility rests on four pillars that empower growth:


    > Economic Development

    > Leadership Development

    > Professional Development

    > Community Development


YADARI delivers education programs that focus in these key areas, as the foundation for the development and growth of your small business.  These initiatives are meant to empower entrepreneurs and small business leaders by helping them to better understand the environment in which we operate, promote the realization of their vision and achieve results.


Through these efforts, we seek to become a source of knowledge and support, weaving ourselves into the fabric of our community in a way that helps to educate, develop, improve and sustain all of us.

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