Brainstorming: How to Hit a Home Run and Mistakes to Avoid with Crowdfunding

Now that you have assembled your team you will need to take a hard look at your campaign idea and lay the ground work for your success. This starts with brainstorming with your team to come up with a name for your crowdfunding campaign, a pitch, a pitch video, and more.

Start your brainstorming session with questions from the list below. These will help you add local and social context to your planned activities. It will also provide insight as to who you can connect with to further your mission.

Brainstorming Questions:

  • What are you pitching? Who cares about you? Who cares about your product or service?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What resources and time do you currently have to run this campaign? Individually & collectively.

  • Who can you invite to be part of your campaign team? Who does the team know? How many people is that? What networks can you reach into?

  • How much money do we need to raise? For what purpose?

  • Fundraising aside, what objective are you hoping to achieve? Is there a social ROI?

  • What would success look like 90 days after the campaign, six months after and ….a year after the campaign ends?

  • What do we have in terms of media already? What media needs to be created?

  • What rewards do you want to give away? How much does it cost to fulfill rewards? How much time will that take?

Once you have thoroughly brainstormed your idea, you should have settled on a name for your campaign, set your funding goal, and set your campaign length at a minimum. You should have a good idea of your entire network, what access to media you have or can get easily. Now you want to go to work on your media database. You will want to identify media outlets early so you can spend the majority of your campaign time turning them into fans that will help your campaign. Hit mainstream media, bloggers you know and ones you don’t – strike up a conversation based on their interests and how they connect to yours. There may be famous people who are interested in your story or something related to it so don’t consider anyone or any outlet off limits.

Once you have these basics covered you are ready to start building your campaign on the platform you have selected. For some of the pitfalls to avoid, check out the article Crowdfunding Failures and learn from other's mistakes.

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