3 Creative Ways Retailers Are Using Tablets for eCommerce

Tablet computers have become one of the most fascinating and eye-catching technologies of the new digital world, bringing an even more futuristic feel to the virtual experience.

The actual popularity of tablets may surprise some people – a recent Pew poll found that 34% of adults in the U.S. own a tablet, nearly twice as many as last year’s 18%. 49% of these adults are between the ages of 35-44, and households with a minor child at home were nearly twice as likely to own a tablet.

These numbers further prove that mobile advertising is vital to ecommerce today and in coming years, and companies without a dedicated mobile marketing campaign are looking more and more like dinosaurs. eMarketer has estimated that 51% of all people who make digital purchases in 2013 will be made with tablets, making up 15% of all ecommerce retail transactions. This means 79.4 million people in the United States alone.

Here are three interesting ways that retailers are taking advantage of wireless technology to increase brand awareness, enhance customer experience, and generate revenue.

Enhancing estore shopping

In the United Stated alone, Sears Holding Corp. decided to deploy iPads to about 450 of its Sears and Kmart stores. This is to help make retail shopping more efficient and convenient to customers. Included in the service is the ability for customers to shop in-store inventory and receive additional details about products. The service makes it possible to compare prices with other stores, and a customer can use the complementary Wi-Fi to get onto the Internet with their own mobile device.

Creating customized tablets

Some companies are choosing to design and produce their own custom tablets to be used specifically to do business with them. Amazon is already known to have the Kindle devices that customers can use to buy and read books, and Google has the Nexus tablet. If you go into an AT&T store your entire customer experience is on the tablet , adding a more personalized an intimate feeling to one’s transaction.

Dedicated tablets are not just for big businesses like these, however. The Nook tablet is another eReader that was created and has been used successfully by the bookseller Barnes and Noble.

Developing a catchy app

Not all retail shopping apps need to be a bare set of categories to browse through. Instead, shopping can be a pleasant and novel experience that shows off the company’s personality.

Take Sears’ interactive shopping app for baby items, Cradle & All. This app not only showcases the merchandise with a well-designed magazine-style presentation, it also gives tablet users easy access to customer reviews and tools for social network sharing. There are many links to other resources for parents, and customers can also take baby quizzes, listen to lullabies, and download the lyrics of songs they like.

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