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Road Warriors: Meet slydial!

A recent conversation with a local Mortgage Banking Executive led me to experience the most awesome tool for mobile professionals. You know, you are on the road between connections and just checked your voicemail to discover 5 messages that you would like to return but each call will take you fifteen minutes with the usual chit chat before and after the intended purpose– problem is you have 30 minutes before your connecting flight departs. Enter slydial!

With this slick mobile application, and a touch of a button, you can easily voice message any contact with a U.S. mobile phone number directly from your phone’s address book thus bypassing the fifteen minutes of conversation. You can answer questions, get your point across to your contact and not deal with any interruptions or sideline conversations. Now before you get yourself twisted here…time is one commodity in our world that we can never recapture so why not save as much of it as you can and maximize your productivity and efficiency?

You can use this app for so many different situations; message someone who is on vacation that you know needs the information you have but you want them to be able to retrieve it at their leisure. If you are like me and work at all hours of the day and night but have close colleagues that like to keep more regular hours, you can share that new idea or solution to a problem at 3 am without awakening them yet your enthusiasm of the moment is preserved in a personalized message for them.

Want to send a naughty message to your sweetie in the middle of the work day when you know he is super busy- slydial! Let him know that you are thinking about him and can’t wait to see him later. A smiling, loving voice on the other end of the voicemail is so much more endearing than a text or an inconvenient interruption at work.

With the flexible features you can dial by name and click to dial anyone from the web! Once you enter their phone number in as a slydial contact, just call the slydial phone number and enter the first four digits of their Nickname followed by the # sign and we will connect you to their mobile voicemail. You don’t have to remember their phone number anymore!

To use the web feature, you create your slydial contacts first then you can simply click on the Click 2 slydial icon next to the contact and slydial will call your phone number. Once you answer you will be connected directly to that contact’s voicemail! You have to be careful with this feature as it only works with the Primary Registered number which you select at registration.

Anyone who is short on time with lots of calls to make can definitely use this nifty mobile app which is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. You can download the app for free and give it a test. If you don’t want to add the app to your phone, just dial 267-SLY-DIAL (267-759-3425) and you are ready to go. But, to enjoy Advanced Features as well as rapid connection to voicemail with NO advertising you must join MYslydial Premium which is less than $30 per year. No Road Warrior should be without it!


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