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How Facebook’s Mobile Business Page Redesign Improves Local Search

Facebook has significantly improved its mobile page design to make it easier for new and current customers to connect and interact with local businesses. According to Facebook’s notification:

“A Page is a business’s identity on Facebook, so we’re making it easier for your current and potential customers to interact with your Page in a way that’s both efficient and useful.”

Before the redesign, users had a tough time finding useful information from a company’s Facebook page on their mobile devices. With over 700 million users on Facebook mobile, this enhancement could be a game changer for local businesses to increase the effectiveness of Facebook pages to draw in customers.

Features Added to the Business Page Display to Users on Mobile Devices:

  • Business address and a location map

  • Business hours

  • Ratings and reviews

  • Photos

  • Like, Check in, Call, Message, and Share buttons at the top

  • Capability to pin special posts, like offers or videos, at the top

Enhancements for Business Page Administrators:

Desktop and mobile views for featured posts pinned by business page administrators from desktops now appear “front and center” on mobile devices too, according to Facebook’s notification release. This makes mobile management dramatically easier for administrators. Switching views from admin to public is now much simpler as well for admins when working from mobile devices.

New Features Accessibility:

As of April 23, 2013, the new mobile business page features are available from “mobile browsers and the Facebook iOS app.” It plans to make the new mobile features available through its Android app in the near future.

Although Facebook user demographics will vary from area to area, its nearly 700 million mobile users will now have a much easier time finding, connecting, and interacting with local businesses when using Facebook mobile. With its focus on connecting users with local businesses on mobile devices, and its newest paid advertising services tailored for local companies for as little as $5 per day, Facebook recommends a business page checkup for information accuracy and completeness.

While these Facebook mobile business page improvements give customers a more meaningful experience, it also ties in with its roll out of a new “Promoted Page Likes” paid advertising offer. The low cost promotion to entice targeted consumers to Like local business pages requires location and photos on the business page. Local businesses that haven’t yet started up a social media campaign on Facebook, or haven’t had much activity from existing business pages so far, should consider this the perfect time to get going.


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