What’s the difference between native and HTML5 apps?

What’s the difference between native and HTML5 apps?

A native app is downloaded by the user onto their device.


1. Supports a rich user experience.

2. Supports deeper integration.

3. Supports low-level device feature access such as multi-threading, background tasks, etc.

4. Interactive and much faster response.


1. An app must be developed for each type of platform (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry) the app will be available on, which can greatly increase costs.

2. App updates are not instantaneous.

An HTML5 app is accessed through the user’s mobile browser and not downloaded as a static feature on the user’s device.


1. Developing HTML5 mobile apps is more cost effective because one HTML5app works across all platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

2. App updates are instantaneous.


1. Does not support low-level device feature access.

2. Multiple connections can’t be handled.

When considering features, browse your favorite native app or HTML5 app. Determine what you like or don’t like about them? What features are valuable to you? Think about your target audience, partners, vendors and what matters most to them and the way you do business with them.

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