Why Email Marketing is Still Effective

In the wake of mobile and social media marketing, it’s unfortunate that email marketing has taken the backseat for trendier marketing campaigns. Businesses of all forms and sizes are in an arms race to increase twitter followers, Facebook audiences, connections on LinkedIn and other social media channels in an effort to boost customer engagement. The question then is how effective are these new marketing trends vis-à-vis email marketing.

King of Marketing ROI

Despite being taunted as old school, email marketing boasts of the highest Return on Investment (ROI) when compared to other marketing avenues. To put this in perspective, according to Direct Marketing Association email marketing has a ROI of about 4,300%. This can be greatly attributed to the fact it adopts a more personalized environment to engage the audience- the inbox.

What Makes Email Marketing Tick

First and foremost, email marketing is the most cost effective option when compared to other marketing avenues. Case in point; consider the costs one incurs in order to launch a TV marketing campaign. One has to engage creative studios, ad agencies, and cable channels who charge exorbitant service charges.

Though unknown to many, ease of measurability is what makes email marketing an effective marketing strategy. The insights that can be drawn from an email marketing initiative about the recipients behavior, such as who clicked to which calls to action, images or links provides a wealth of consumer information that can be used to drive sales. Further, email marketing campaigns can be easily tweaked, re-branded and customized within minutes to maximize response and ROI.

Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Value Exchange: We are all too familiar with email newsletters that have pitches that annoy us or are just waste our time. To avoid your email falling into this category, work on the principle of value exchange- trade valuable information for your recipients valued time. To achieve this mean feat you need quality targeted email content that is authoritative, concise, and objective. To add on this, the subject line should be descriptive enough to entice the recipient to open it.

Brand reinforcement through email design: Its good practice to ensure that the email design reflects the company’s branding, logo or message. This is because members of the email subscription list tend to have willingly accorded the company permission to contact them and are already primed for business transaction. Hence, it’s prudent to have the business logo on the email design to ease the customers’ process of remembering you.

Summing up, email marketing is truly one of the most cost effective, immediate and measurable marketing channels available to marketers.


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