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Online Music Marketing: The New Trend in Music Listening

In today’s modern age, the way we listen to and enjoy music has changed in a big way. Instead of going to your local neighborhood music store, you can sign online and download music from your computer, smart phone, tablet or mp3 player. Online music marketing targets listeners and introduces consumers to new artists, songs, and albums like never before. The youth of the world are the trend setters, and music marketing targets the 18-35 demographic with extreme zest. Here is a look at the new trend in music listening and how the way we listen to music has drastically changed in the last 20 years.

The Effect of Social Marketing on the Music Industry

Social media takes the effect of word of mouth advertising and multiplies it exponentially creating an irreplaceable outlet for music fans. Fans post links of music videos they enjoy, in turn their leagues of friends and followers are exposed to a new band. That band, in turn, has the opportunity to increase their fan base and potential earnings.

The Equipment is Way Better

Forget CD’s, pack away your Discman and Walkman, donate your old cassette tapes to Goodwill. Our music-listening devices of old are nothing in comparison with what we have today. With the advent of the iPod and mp3 player, music lovers can have instant access to music they love without setting foot inside of a music store. Not only is this highly convenient, but it can also save money too. We can download one particular track instead of purchasing an entire album if we so choose. Modern day music listening is all about convenience, and that sort of convenience simply wasn’t available back in the ’90s.

Easier to Discover Awesome New Talent

In today’s modern age, it is way easier to discover new talent to enjoy. Just load up your social networking websites, and you will likely see a dozen posts regarding the music industry from music videos to music artist news. The exposure to the music world is huge, while in decades past you would have needed to intentionally purchase a music magazine or tune in to MTV for all the latest in the music industry.

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