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How the Cloud, HTML5, and Mobile Usage are Transforming App Development

Within the next five years, the number of mobile users is expected to rise significantly while the number of computer users will drop away. Smart mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are taking over the market. Combined with the ease of HTML5 and the popularity of Cloud computing, these factors are having a serious impact on application development.

The Ease of HTML5

The development of HTML5 has really opened the door to increased mobility. Applications are no longer specific to one operating system or another. They can work seamlessly with other popular apps and software programs, like Word, to increase effectiveness and efficiency. In other words, using them is easy, and the possibilities for increased features and customization of fonts have made mobile apps more enjoyable to use.

For developers, the benefits to HTML5 blow other programming languages out of the water. No license is needed for creating applications, they’re easy to distribute and because they’re indexed quickly by search engines, it’s easier for the public to pick up on your creations. Combining the power and efficiency of HTML5 with trends in smart device technology, and it’s no wonder that today’s consumer is latching on to the convenience of on-the-go computing.

The Security of the Cloud

Cloud storage and deployment is extremely attractive to application developers, but technology experts Gartner, Inc., feel this will lead to a security-centric future. The group estimates that by 2016, 40 percent of businesses will require apps to have undergone third-party security testing before being adopted. In fact, they foresee this being such a major concern that security certification will become a reality in the near future.

Once Cloud security has been streamlined, the ability to do business instantaneously with a wide range of clients will be a reality. To take the lead in your area of industry, it’s imperative you be able to provide customers with the solutions they need when they need them. That’s possible by combining the efficiency of HTML5 with the convenience of the Cloud while styling products to the reality of mobile use.

Embracing Mobile Growth Trends

While smart mobile device sales are expected to increase by 20 percent this year according to research group IDC, the estimated IT developments fueled by mobile capabilities will reach nearly 60 percent. In just two years, the number of people accessing the internet by smartphone or tablet will surpass those using computers. By 2017, computer use could fall by as much as 15 million users.

Tomorrow’s customer is starkly different from the people surfing the web of today. It’s essential for businesses to harness new technology trends to stay ahead of their competition. Stay visible, stay useful and become and remain a recommended resource by investing now in new mobile developments.

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