Tablet Commerce is Taking Off

Those who are looking at the world of online commerce are seeing a specific kind of retail expanding incredibly quickly. Tablet commerce, the use of these larger portable devices for buying and selling, is now a major part of the online marketplace. All kinds of software makers and other tech companies are trying to work their business plans toward this major shift, with even Microsoft getting into the mix with its ‘app-centric’ new MS Office 2013 suite.

A report by Mashable cites research from renowned statistics firm Forrester suggesting that for many retailers, tablet commerce represents over 50% of total sales, and that for an average seller in one study, a full 45% of sales are attributed to just one tablet, the dominant iPad.

Taking a look at some of the reasons why tablets are so popular in retail can help businesses understand how to anticipate and take advantage of this trend.

New Advanced Visual Displays

News around tablet innovation shows the big manufacturers, Apple, Samsung and others, battling it out for the flashiest new interface, with Apple’s Retina display representing one of the strategies for high resolution design. These quality video interfaces, combined with a larger screen, make tablets the preferred device for many users over the smaller smartphone.

BYOD and Commercial Tablet Commerce

While many individuals are buying online items with their personal tablets, some other types of tablet commerce are taking place in physical store locations, where small businesses or even larger shops use these devices as part of a retail hardware infrastructure. A phenomena called BYOD or bring your own device envisions a synergy between the personal devices owned by business leaders and other staffers, and what gets used in a store to drive retail transactions. Since many tablets can now be installed as part of point of sale or POS systems, some companies are using these devices as effective ‘cash registers’ which also accounts for a good deal of the retail traffic facilitated by tablet devices.

Developers Jump on the Bandwagon

It seems that the use of tablets has reached a certain critical mass where companies want to include tablet functionality in many vendor software products, social media platforms, and other technologies. There is a renewed interest in offering API tools for tablet apps, and creating ad campaigns that utilize this important medium. All of this assists in puffing up the image of the tablet device as a top point of contact for businesses and their customers.

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