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Mobile Apps that Help You Network

Everyone knows that in the real world, it’s not what you know but who you know. 87% of business professionals network to make new connections and grow their business. Sometimes it’s difficult to make the time to network with ever-growing obligations. The good news is that keeping track of who you meet and following up with has gotten much easier with smartphones, tablets and mobile apps. What are some mobile apps that will help you on the go?

Never Be Without a Business Card Again

It’s happened to everyone before: You make a great connection at the airport, on the train or at your friend’s cocktail party. Although you want to exchange information, you forgot your business card. Or perhaps you ran out of your last card at your last event.

CardFlick ensures that you’re never without a card again. The application allows you to create beautiful digital business cards with your custom background, colors, position and personal information. When at your next business event, you simply can open the app and “Flick” your card to your new contact’s email address. They receive an HTML image of your business card with your information immediately. It’s a bonus if you have a mobile optimized website to display as soon as your link is wirelessly sent over. CardFlick is available on the iPhone, Android and the web.

Your New Digital Rolodex

Once you’ve exchanged your business cards, how do you keep track of your contacts? The increasingly digital age has left the good old Rolodex in the dust.

One mobile app that’s essential for you to stay organized is Cardmunch. Powered by LinkedIn, Cardmunch allows you to snap a picture of your business cards. Your new contact’s information is converted into a contact automatically. Plus, you have the ability to preview someone’s LinkedIn profile, which allows you to add the social networking contact if the new connection is valuable. Cardmunch is limited to iPhone currently.

Keeping Track of Your Contacts to Grow Your Business

Between phone calls, emails, texts and social networking, it’s easy to lose track of when you contacted someone last. Smartr Contacts ties all of your contacts in one thread to build an information rich profile for them.

This app keeps track of the contact’s profile, but also keeps a history of your digital communications. Since professional contacts blur lines between a professional LinkedIn profile and social Facebook, you don’t want to get left behind. Smartr Contacts will track your communications to make sure you don’t leave a gap again.

With these new mobile apps, you’ll make more valuable connections whether you are trying to get more people to buy local or meet that new candidate.

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