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Supercharge Your Online Store With These Ecommerce Apps for Smartphones

Supercharge Your Online Store With These Ecommerce Apps for Smartphones

These days, if an ecommerce site is not friendly to smartphones and tablets, it is losing business. These devices are no longer luxuries; everyone and their grandmother can be seen walking around with their heads down, concentrating on a tiny screen.

Mobile trends regarding ecommerce sites have proven that a business can’t compete without a mobile presence when over 20% of purchases from ecommerce sites designed by Screen Pages were made with a mobile device.

These 7 mobile apps will do wonders to supercharge an online store and open up a new demographic of customers.

Customer Support and Analytics

Ego - This app allows the user to access any desired web statistics. Any number of widgets can be added, so this app can be a one-stop for checking account data.

Analytics – This simply-named app brings quick access to multiple Google Analytics accounts and websites. With more than 55 different reports available, such as traffic and event tracking, Analytics is a powerful program for website managers.

Marketing and Shopping

PPC EditorManage Google Adwords campaigns with this handy app. Pause and resume ad campaigns, and edit daily budgets on the go.

UbercartEasily sell physical and virtual goods, as well as site memberships. Works with a variety of payment options and is compatible with Drupal 7.

Amazon WebStore An app that harnesses the name-brand of Amazon. Build and manage an online store that customers will know to be secure and reliable.

Social Networking

FacebookA business without Facebook is a business without a face. This app provides an easy way to stay connected, chat, and post comments and media.

TweetdeckTwitter on the go. Post interesting information and special deals, respond to customer concerns and inquiries, and never be far from your business.

Finding the right mobile advertising app for an ecommerce store can be difficult, but there are resources available to help. In this digital age, it is a value that cannot be underestimated.

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