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Top 10 Great Productivity Apps for 2013

With 2012 gone, it is expected that 2013 will be characterized by technological milestones that will increase the efficiency and use of our communication devices. There are already some apps that are getting more acknowledgements from their users. The following are the top 10 great productivity apps for 2013; in their order of greatness.


This mobile web app allows a user to find anything on the web when they need it the most. The tool makes it possible to search across Google apps, Twitter, Facebook, Google docs, cloud storage and other many wireless mobile applications on the web. Marketers can also use this service for mobile advertising.


This is a freeware mobile app for Android and Windows Phone that allows the user to jot down a quick note, record a thought, save a video or clip a story. A person can create these files and view them from their phones, tablets or personal computers. With the current mobile trends, the user can synchronize notes and other files to the cloud so that they can later be accessed from anywhere.


Gone are days when businesspersons underwent frustrations of having to write down, remember and dial audio conferencing details. Since the introduction of MobileDay, one only needs a Smartphone to stream conferencing details on the go.


With the threat of viruses and malfunctions of data storage sticks, it had almost become impossible to port important files safely from one device to another. SkyDrive allows people to save and access files on cloud servers and letter access them from any computing device in real time.


EchoSign is an application that is designed to address contract-signing needs especially for traveling sales rep. Users can utilize this application in signing, sending and managing documents. This service eliminates the need to carry bulky paper-based contracts and hence offering a small business advantage.

Microsoft Office for Windows Phone

This application makes it possible to view and edit Microsoft word, PowerPoint, excel and OneNote documents from the comfort of a mobile phone.


Password management has never bee this easy and secure with LastPass app. This is a powerful manager that keeps information secure using a single password. It can also be used in feeding log in information for apps on a computing device or even websites.


This app comes in handy when uploading files onto a cloud server. The files can then be accessed from any compatible devices such as PCs and Smartphone.


MyThings enables a list maker to create task lists, prioritize their importance and set reminders so that deadlines are well met. It can be used to prioritize and buy local products to save on costs.

Advanced task killer

Smartphone often has apps running in the background using up the available memory. These can be disabled using advanced task killer.

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