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Mobile Search and The Case For Mobile-Optimized Websites

It’s clear that small screens mean big business; last year, a number of studies came out that pointed to the fact that more and more people are using mobile devices to engage with their favorite brands. For this reason alone, companies that haven’t thought of optimizing their websites for a smooth mobile experience might want to rethink their marketing strategies. In this post, we’ll examine the case for mobile site optimization, while exploring tips that could help in coming up with sound mobile-based strategies.

A recent survey by the search giant Google pointed to the fact that close to 10% of the total internet traffic can be attributed to mobile traffic, and that individuals are looking into finding directions and locations of their favorite stores using their mobile phones. Another survey done by Keynote Systems Inc revealed that 60 percent of smartphone owners looking for information on a business wanted the website page to load in less than four seconds. These same individuals confessed that they would leave a site that’s not mobile-optimized in the blink of an eye and take their business to a competitor who took their time to optimize their website for a great mobile figure.

Here are some elemental facts that one needs to pay attention to in the quest to develop a mobile-optimized website :

- Mobile sites lead to mobile purchases, simply due to the fact that these types of sites offer convenience and security, without the many checkout steps that are common on websites accessed on desktops. One company, Inc, saw a 48 percent rise in their sales when they optimized their site for mobile. At the same time, their mobile conversion rates have risen 50 percent, while seeing a 148 percent rise in the number of website visitors accessing their site via tablets and mobile phones.

- Pay-per-click, or PPC campaigns are more effective on mobile sites, simply due to the clean and sleek designs that mobile sites offer to prospective visitors. As a result, mobile users are more likely to click on higher-paid links that are appropriately placed on the site.

- Lastly, mobile sites are a great way of giving a startup that small business advantage, particularly if the site is looking to attract local shoppers to buy local. Google recently released figures pointing to the fact that hyper-local searches are driving the need to optimize websites to target the mobile demographic that is mostly wanting to look to purchase goods or services in their own locale, wanting convenience at the end of the day.

All these facts point to the fact that mobile search optimization, mobile advertising and mobile apps can turn around a company’s fortunes for the better. Yadari Enterprises specializes in IT products and services that seek to help you effectively create a mobile marketing campaign through the use of surgical mobile web development services. Going mobile can mean increased revenues, and more importantly, a much wider reach and access to an untapped market demographic that’s set to experience massive growth in the next few years.

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