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How Mobile Advertising is Growing with Facebook Marketing

How is Facebook Marketing supporting the growth and development of mobile advertising technology, for millions of small businesses to benefit? Recent reports indicate that Facebook Marketing has increased the use of mobile advertising by as much as 20 percent in the last quarter of 2012. That’s good news for the millions of mobile marketers who are trying to increase conversions by tapping into the largest social network in the world.

What’s going on with Facebook Marketing?

From it’s incept in 2011, Facebook Marketing still holds a lot of mystery for the average user. Much of what happens does so in the background while Facebook members simply go about their business, searching for information, chatting with friends, and making purchases via the marketing ads carefully displayed on every page. But, with the addition of Facebook Graph Search, all those pieces of data are being carefully tracked so that advertisements can get to the core of each individual’s buying decisions.

How is Facebook Marketing Influencing Mobile Marketing?

A revealing report called Facebook® Mobile Advertising Performance Data was released by Kenshoo Social, a mobile technology firm, at the popular 2013 Citi Global Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. After gathering complex data from a long list of global advertisers who currently use Kenshoo products to manage business Facebook marketing campaigns, the report indicated that ““mobile now represents 20.3 percent of overall Facebook ad spend.” This was based on two-million click throughs originating from these advertisers on mobile devices. To put this into layman’s terms, as many as one-in-five consumers exposed to mobile advertisements who were being tracked by this service were using solely their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices; not their home computers.

Mobile Marketing Evolving

Many experts believe that mobile marketing is still only in its infant stage as compared to all types of technology driven marketing. By using social media as a resource, mobile marketers can tap into a wide range of analytical tools, which help to develop more strategic campaigns. In a December 2012 Forbes article, mobile marketing is expected to continue to evolve into a combined force of social behavior tracking and hyper-local marketing campaigns. During the holiday season of 2012, marketing firms placed a huge emphasis on increasing mobile ads to their customer base.

Through the use of smart mobile technology and IT communication resources, online advertising will continue to be one the best ways for the small business owner to compete with larger chains. Mobile advertising evens the playing field and offers the chance to better control the outcome of marketing campaigns, by using the comprehensive social media tools that Facebook Marketing provides.

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