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Mobile Growth Trends – The World’s Best Mobile Health Apps

Imagine being able to search for health information, keep track of important health data and get on-demand health peer support all from the convenience of a smartphone? Thanks to today’s wide range of health mobile apps, these activities and more are currently possible. Mobile applications, easily accessible from many smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, are changing the way that consumers participate in their healthcare.

According to the Manhattan Research’s Cybercitizen Health® U.S. 2012 study, an estimated 75 million US consumers turn to their mobile devices for health information.

Award Winning Mobile Health Apps

Twice each year, the World Summit Awards recognizes the top mobile growth trends with apps, and this year the focus was on healthcare apps. Among the list of the best health and wellness apps were the following.

Top Healthcare Apps to Watch

INTERSTRESS topped the list of the most innovative wellness apps with an interactive approach to helping people deal with the physiological effects of stress. It’s long been known that stress is a leading killer worldwide, so having a tool to track and monitor changes using biosensors and behavior indicators is ground-breaking.

Mayo Clinic Health Community Released by the world-renowned health and medical research organization, this healthcare app is available on iTunes. Patients can connect with a large community of consumers and medical professionals and ask health related questions.

Hormone Check is a healthcare app developed in Norway that helps consumers avoid hormone disruptive chemicals in cosmetic products. Hormone balances are vital for health, therefore having the ability to scan potentially dangerous consumer products using barcode technology before purchase embraces preventative care.

Life with Cancer gives cancer patients and their caretakers a complete mobile app that empowers them to greater treatment success. Developed in Denmark, the healthcare app features an online checklist of cancer treatment questions, links to cancer resources and information, directories of cancer terms and doctors, as well as an online diary and community to share and get emotional support.

Social Diabetes As more than 25 million adults and children in the USA suffer with diabetes each day, the need for healthcare apps that support proper treatment and monitoring are critical. (source: American Diabetes Association) A Spanish healthcare app is leading the way with a social network integrated with diabetes health management tools.

As the trend toward more mobile device use continues, there will be an increased emphasis on connecting doctors with their patients via smartphones, iPads, and other mobile technology. Look for a continued expansion of healthcare apps in the coming year.

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