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How Doctors are using Mobile Apps to Connect with Patients

Since most doctors and hospitals do everything with a computer, from filing patient’s contact info to their latest MRI results, it’s no surprise to learn they are beginning to implement other tools, which now include utilizing mobile apps to connect with their patients. According to a study done by Google and Manhattan Research, the internet is integral to clinical practice.

Why hospitals and doctors should use mobile apps

In today’s world of increasing technological advances, society in general, is uniting as never before. In the medical field, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep the lines of communication open between doctors and their patients. Using mobile apps is the single best way to make that possible, since many patients already use a smartphone. Some other reasons why hospitals and doctors need to utilize mobile apps include:

  • Patients are already perusing the internet to check for symptoms, doctors, hospitals. In fact, 80% of users have looked online for health information, according to Pew Internet, a project of Pew Research.

  • Competing healthcare is becoming a huge force, since new legislation is forcing patients into a more market-driven healthcare approach.

  • Visiting a doctor or hospital is intimidating, so using a mobile app to navigate a hospital environment may help the patient feel more at ease with their visit or hospital stay.

Benefits of using mobile apps

Doctors have come into their own, in terms of technology, and now 72% use a smartphone, according to World Links Apps; and it’s projected upwards of 500 million will be using health care apps by the year 2015, so technology in the medical field has definitely evolved and will continue to, since there are many benefits to utilizing mobile apps, including:

  • Personal communication between hospitals, doctors and patients–allows for doctors to access notes, test results, and treatment plans, relating back to the patient his or her findings and other health care options and/or treatment progress

  • Improves hospital branding–mobile apps lets hospitals connect to their customer base like never before, connecting to existing customers and new customers. They use these apps to alert patients to new innovations, interactive tools, differences in hospital procedures, or changes to policies or other valuable information.

  • Syncs patient’s records directly to a doctor or health care professional’s device–important information, such as test results, can be sent immediately to a smartphone, allowing the doctor to reach a patient quickly with vital information.

  • Educates doctors, nurses and patients to check symptoms, review dosage instructions, and obtain medical information easily and quickly.

Implementing these tools will lead to more accurate and timely medical information, thus reducing misinformation and misfiled medical records; plus it gives both doctor and patient valuable resources to access, and improves patient/doctor relationships.

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