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Top Trends in Mobile Marketing for 2013

Mobile marketing is undergoing a technological explosion as more businesses look for ways to reach consumers and influence their buying decisions in efficient ways. With 2012 almost behind us and 2013 well on its way, what lies ahead for mobile marketing? To determine this, let’s first examine what mobile marketing trends emerged in 2012.

2012 Mobile Marketing Trends – A Year in Review

Some marketing pros call 2012 “The Year of Mobile Marketing” because this is the year that more consumers have switched to smart phones from standard cellular devices. A February 2012 Neilsen Wire report indicated that nearly half of mobile phone owners in the USA have converted to smart phones. SMS text messaging also outnumbers actual phone calls for most users, meaning mobile marketing has a direct way to reach these folks. Mobile browsing accounts for 7.96 percent of all web search activity, and this is also growing. Yadari Enterprises reports that more than 33 million US customers actively engage in online shopping via their mobile devices.

What Do These Mobile Marketing Trends Mean for Marketing Professionals?

As you can ascertain from the above trends experienced this year, mobile marketing is on the move – in a big way. Small businesses are starting to get the idea that they need to get on board with mobile marketing campaigns in addition to their SEO and social media marketing efforts. There is an increased demand for customized mobile app design and support. For marketing professionals, this is a golden opportunity to educate and provide mobile marketing solutions to prospects. By using mobile marketing, it’s possible to increase inbound lead generation, using a mobile platform like Lorel Lead Generation.

A Sneak Peek at Mobile Marketing – Trends to Look for in 2013

In the coming year, mobile marketing will continue to provide a small business advantage. Due to the availability of cheaper mobile devices and tablets like Apple’s wildly popular iPhone and iPad, more consumers than ever before are tapped into mobile marketing. A Microsoft Tag info-graphic provides more insight into mobile use and marketing, including that 91 percent of all mobile users prefer to use mobile devices for social networking. Trends to look for include more mobile optimized websites, increased dependency on mobile apps, and portable websites built specifically with mobile consumers in mind. According to Mobile Marketer, there will be some increase in the ability to target customers across platforms; however, technological and measurement limitations may interfere with the effectiveness of this strategy. Thus, marketers will focus on targeting specific customers with stand-alone mobile apps. In addition, brands will improve their mobile advertisements’ ability to display properly on small screens and target mobile customers directly rather than trying to reach them with the same ads they run online.

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