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Mobile Marketing Makes More Money

Recently, Google revealed that based upon research it had conducted, 85 percent of Americans will have web enabled portable devices by the end of 2013. A recent study by Pew Internet found that 46 percent of adults own Smartphones. So, if you have not yet optimized your Internet presence for the mobile market, you can and most likely are losing customers.

Google reports that over half of all mobile device users think that a website should take no more than three seconds to load on their Smartphones or tablets. If your website takes longer than that to load on a mobile device, in all probability, potential customers are not waiting and are moving on to a competitor’s site. It doesn’t matter that your website is optimized for the Internet, if it loads slowly on mobile devices, you are losing customers and money.

The movement towards small screen devices presents challenges that must be met by small and medium businesses.

Not only must web content be optimized to load quickly on small screen devices, they also must be rich in visual content. Members of the millennial generation are most frequent users of Smartphones and tablets. They are also a very impatient group and prefer to get their information in visual form. For this group, information presented by videos, images and infographics works best.

The question businesses must ask themselves is; “Can my prospective customers or clients easily find me on their mobile devices?” In order to make sure that mobile marketing means more money for you, you want more than your website to be optimized for mobile marketing, you must be aware of the need to manage your online reputation. Users of mobile devices tend to be avid users of social media too; often leaving reviews of businesses that they have tried on Yelp or Google +, as well as other local search sites that have review capabilities. While many businesses may cringe when a customer leaves a negative comment, it is actually an opportunity for business to let its customers and future customers know that it is paying attention to customer and client feedback. If a client or customer has a legitimate complaint, a truthful response and an apology for the bad experience can turn the negative comment into a positive experience.

Businesses devote many resources to create brand recognition. This means that effective mobile marketing materials match thematically everything a business does online. For local search “familiarity breeds customers.” This is why it is important that customers easily recognize and remember who you are and what you do.

When customers come to your location, encourage them to let their friends know that they are on premise by using foursquare or twitter or checking in with Facebook. This becomes free local advertising and may even bring in friends of your customers while they are on location. Local marketing is highly targeted and very effective. It is not simple.

Businesses excel at selling their products and services. Bit, attempting to master mobile marketing should be left to firms that understand the intricacies of mobile marketing strategies. By using outside resources to help your business develop a modern mobile marketing strategy, you will make more money.

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