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1.6 Billion Reasons to Engage in Mobile Advertising

Everywhere you go you see hundreds of people using mobile phones. Some talking, some texting, and some surfing the web. Mobile web surfing has become the most popular way to look at websites and purchase products. Since more and more people are on the go, advertisements aiming towards mobile web users are on the increase. Marketers and business owners alike are beginning to realize the many benefits of having a mobile-friendly website for their businesses.

The mobile web in advertising

If you are like the average American, you no doubt have a Blackberry or Windows phone, or perhaps a phone powered by Android or Apple. If you’ve ever ridden a train or looked out at a billboard, just about every advertisement has a mobile accessible site or downloadable app. The marketers of these adverts understand that the key to growing a business is upgrading their advertising tactics to fit in with the advancement of mobile technology. Web developers have also had to upgrade with these times to include mobile app developing and mobile web developing to their list of specialties.

The Interactive Advisement Bureau reported that in 2011 over $1.6 billion was generated in mobile advertisement revenue and in the first half of 2012, over $1.2 billion was generated, which shows enormous growth.

Benefits of using the mobile web for your business

Paying for paper advertising means you having to reach out to the audience and hope that they respond, sort of like waiting for a fish to bite a hook. However, if you have a mobile accessible website or a mobile app for your business, the audience comes to you. Through sophisticated optimization, just about any mobile web user will be able to find your business, No matter what your business is, you can benefit from appealing to mobile phone users.

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Expand your brand visibility – Just like your website can be optimized for better visibility on a PC browser, the same can be done for your mobile website. The only difference is you will reach a bigger audience.

  • Makes your business more accessible

  • Increases sales

Since mobile phones are smaller than a PC, your mobile website will be created with size in mind. This ensures that just about any mobile phone user will be able to access your site and enjoy the same experience as PC users.


In Q3 of 2012, Facebook generated 14% of its advertising revenue ($150 million) from mobile ads alone. Government agencies, hospitals, grocery stores and even restaurants are all using the mobile web to establish their brand and increase engagement. Start using the mobile web today and watch your business soar!

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