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Making a Big Impact on the Small Screen – Don’t Be Late to the Party

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see where the advertising market is going. In fact, early adapters are already reaping the rewards of their foray into marketing to mobile web users. While there are several reasons that a small-business owner might choose to put his money somewhere else, the smart businessman is grabbing this amazing opportunity and running with it.

Mobile Surpasses Traditional A study published by research group Flurry in June of 2011 found that people spend more time using mobile based applications on their Smartphones than doing traditional web searches on their desktop (or laptop) computers. For the smart businessman, this is a huge piece of information; it means that people are looking to their Smartphones for the things they used to go to the computer for. This trend is not going to be bucked either. Some projections have Smartphones being the dominant form of all searches by 2015.

A Billion Reasons to Update What does this trend toward mobile search have to do with you? Potentially, a billion customers. Yes, BILLION with a B. There are currently just over 1 billion Smartphones in use around the world with over half of them in the United States. This number is expected to double in the next three years. With 2 billion Smartphone users in the world doing most of their searches on these devices, it only makes sense that a business should be optimizing their pages for exactly this kind of search. And if it wasn’t enough that these people are doing search-related activities, when they do they are far more likely to take action based upon the results of that search. So, mobile searchers are motivated potential customers.

The Mobile Web is the 21st Century Gold Rush Getting motivated customers to your shopping cart through a mobile website can increase conversion rates substantially. This is the untapped market that is just starting to be realized by businesses of all sizes. In just one example of how effective a mobile website can be, xAD and Telemetrics released a study that shows that, “Mobile restaurant search has a 90% conversion rate, with 64% of Smartphone searchers converting immediately or within the hour.”

So what’s the key to getting these kinds of conversion rates and burying your competition? Having a website that is optimized for mobile search is imperative. If your site isn’t mobile browser friendly (if it was built before 2010 it isn’t) it may be hard to navigate on the smaller mobile browser screens. In the instant gratification climate of mobile search, this is the kiss of death. The easier you make it for your searchers to find exactly what they are looking for, the more likely you are to make a sale. So who do you trust with this make or break job? YADARI.

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