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Customer Contact: What a Mobile App Can Do

In the brave new world of internet marketing it’s nearly impossible to survive by putting your entire business on a single page. You need to have a presence on mobile devices – one that makes it easier for your customers to connect with you. The entire purpose of having a mobile app for your business is to get you closer to a sale. How do you do that? Your customers are going to have questions and with an app you’ll be able to provide the answers in real time. What does you app need to do to make this happen? That’s really the big question.

Here’s what you need to realize – most people have a preferred way of communicating. Some prefer text messaging, some like being able to talk to a live operator, others like to be able to go to a FAQ page or search an answers database. The key to a great mobile app is that it has all of these abilities built in. By having your Twitter account, email address, phone number and links to your FAQ page all incorporated in one application there is no reason for your customer not to ask the question they need the answer to. Of course, if you choose to limit the number of options in your app, a live SMS would be the best choice because of the popularity of texting. Being able to answer questions is just one aspect of communications. Your app can also be used to send out unique, targeted information about special offers, outages, promotions and industry specific information of value to your customer base to create a more personalized experience for every customer.

Now that these possibilities have come to light it may seem like a mobile app has just busted the doors off your marketing strategy. You might be tempted to throw your entire budget at it, but a far better strategy would be to consult with a proven team of app builders. With an experienced team in your corner, you’ll have the luxury of a fresh set of eyes to look at your overall marketing plan and then tailor an app that both empowers your customer base and keeps your current marketing strategy in focus. Your app will be completed and implemented more quickly than if you choose to go it alone and you’ll start reaping the benefits that much sooner.

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