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Get Your Customers to Your Door: Why You Need a Mobile App

Smartphones are Everywhere

When the internet first became widely accessible, the biggest question on every businessperson’s mind was, “Do I need a webpage?” We’ve seen how that turned out. Now if you don’t have a webpage, you might as well not be in business. The question on everyone’s mind today is the similar. “Do I need a mobile app?” And the answer is the same – without an app, you may as well not be in business. Here’s why:

  • There are more than 100 million Smartphone users in the United States

  • 58% of mobile users areonthe mobile web at least once a day

  • 90% of mobile users search local information

That means that there are approximately 40 million potential customers out there browsing the web every single day. The best way to get your share is to create an engaging app to reach them with.

Mobile Users Take Action

If we take the 40 million searchers and look at what they do after a search, a striking trend emerges–87% of local mobile searchers take action from their search. That’s 35 million potential buying actions that are being made daily. By getting your app into the hands of one of these potential customers is huge!

GPS Gets Your Customer to Your Door

While Google is a great place to get some local clientele, why count on search page rankings when you can deliver information directly to the customer via an app? Once the app is on their phone you can get customers who are looking for you directly to your door with step-by-step GPS directions. There is no need to count on a third party to handle it and therefore no chance of bad directions or missing out on a sale because someone can’t find you. Get your app into the hands of these highly motivated local customers and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Mobile Goddess can help you get customers to your door!

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