10 Reasons to Buy A Tablet

Let’s face it mobile has arrived and in a big way. With iPhones and iPads leading the mobile charge, most businesses are scrambling to keep up with the mobile content demand. In just 3 short years, over 20 Billion mobile apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices. The journey to a mobile web begins with the number and variety of mobile devices connecting to the Internet and the pace at which they are growing. According to Nielsen Mobile Insights in Q4 2011:

• Over 500,000,000 Android phones have been activated

• Over 300,000,000 iPhones have been activated

• Android owns 47% of the U.S. smartphone market

• iPhone owns 29% of the U.S. smartphone market

So…you are wondering why you should buy a tablet? Let us count the ways…

1. Tablets can function as e-readers

There are many applications and programs that are downloadable to tablets that will let you read books and magazines and newspapers on your tablet. It may be a different experience in that you aren’t feeling the pages but you can read in the night time, it is lighter and more portable than a 300 page hardcover book or a bulky newspaper.

2. Tablets are large visual representations of media

You can run a calendar, your email and photo galleries on a larger touch screen than your average smart phone.

3. Tablets have more storage space than older laptops

Instead of buying a laptop you can buy a tablet which will be more fun and can store more than those laptops. Tablets can handle more content than the older laptops as well. If typing will be an issue you can buy an attachment keyboard or a wireless USB keyboard.

4. Tablets are great for meetings

You can take notes quickly and quietly and you can also take video/audio notes if your tablet has a recording device installed in it. If you get bored you can always play Fruit Slice or Angry Birds.

5. Tablets are great for sharing photos and small presentations

The hands-on element of tablets makes viewing photos interesting and engaging. Many tablets have the pinch and swipe features where when you pinch or spread your fingers you can minimize and enlarge the photos easily. You can also swipe your finger across the screen to switch the photo or the slide in a presentation. Being that the whole screen is used for viewing it is a large and vivid display in either function. When giving a presentation it is dynamic and versatile and you aren’t restricted to using a small computer screen in a specific location, you can interact with the presentation and it is portable.

6. Tablets are great for movies and music

You can watch movies on the go and listen to music anywhere. Your children can watch their favorite movies on the plane and you can too.

7. Tablets are cheaper than a new laptop

They’re cheaper and more fun! They also have longer battery lives and can stay charged for up to 8-10 hours.

8. Tablets don’t have as many problems as desktop and laptop computers

Tablets don’t crash essentially and if they do all you have to do is restart it.

9. Tablets are good for travel

They are small, portable and are easier to manage while on the go. They can be used for work and play.

10. Tablets are fun! Access to thousands of games, media, productivity and utility software!

You can play games, listen to music, read an interactive horoscope, draw fun pictures, take photos and videos and just have fun with it.

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