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3 Must Haves in a Mobile App

With a continually expanding usage of mobile applications, mobile application development is at an all-time high to accommodate the needs of companies and their customers. Mobile applications help with marketing, productivity and customer satisfaction. Customers who use Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms will be able to use your apps and keep in touch with your business. In today’s society we are always connected, tethered by our mobile devices to our friends, family, jobs and the places we visit. With the advent of ..Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ we are always connected. People use these social media sites everyday so they are good places to promote your business.

In order to keep up with the times and changing social media, many companies have produced mobile apps to keep their customers informed and interested. In order to create a successful and effective app you must have three things:

1. GPS Coupons

These mobile coupons are a great way to keep your customers coming back. Your customers are able to unlock these coupons by “checking in” at your business either through Facebook or Google Maps. These are great for people who are always on the go and who frequent your business and will help build brand loyalty.

2. Social Networking Integration

You want your customers to be connected to you on every site they use. You should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and be connected to their email. This way they can check-in on Facebook when they visit your business or they can like your page. On Twitter they can tweet about their experience with your company and even take a picture of your products/ services. And when you are connected to their email you can send coupons and notifications of upcoming events. This helps create a viral buzz about your business within their community and networks and will help you gain customers.

3. QR Coupons

These are barcodes which can be scanned by a mobile camera scanner. These codes can contain images of your products, include coupons or send the user to your website. They can be attached to any type of merchandise, brochures, flyers and other promotional materials. These coupons can be collected in store or on the go and redeemed at your business. They are versatile and can be shared on the web. Let’s say you have a QR code posted on a street corner. Someone can scan the code and find out more about your company by following it to your website or they can access a coupon for 5% off. It is flexible and customizable but most of all it helps bring in customers and create a wider consumer base.

Other key points in developing a mobile app are branding, a calendar and a list of ways to contact your business. You want your customers to be able to recognize your business, not only through your logo but by your color scheme, patterns and fonts. You want them to know it is your app before they ever read the description. By having an event calendar you can keep customers updated with events without having to email them. Lastly, you need to have a contact section, so that your customers can reach you. This should include your address, email and telephone number. Your address should have a hyperlink in it to Google Maps so that your customers can directions to your business with ease.

These 3 Must Haves and key points all aim to help you stay connected with your customers and enhance your business. You need to connect with your customers where they are, produce incentives and keep their interests and with these tips you can do just that. Just remember that marketing helps you gain customers but staying connected is what keeps them coming back!

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