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Gold on Gold

“Magic” was not the only Olympic Gold Medalist at the Youth Entrepreneur Summit. Ruthie Bolton, Sacramento Monarch and two-time Olympian, was also present. Ms. Bolton shared her story and offered encouraging words to youth during the Chairman’s Scholarship Luncheon.

Ruthie Bolton is known as a world class athlete and has a book that is aimed at sharing her insights with youth and adults so they have the courage to go after their dreams like she did.

The Mississippi Native who is the 16th of 20 children, told youth at the Summit not to give up. Early in her basketball career, Bolton was discouraged and told that she would likely sit on the bench for most of the season. With hard work and determination, she become a starter soon after the season began. Youth and adults alike can learn from her story.

Ruthie Bolton, Olympic Gold Medalist and Tara Lynn Gray, President of Yadari EnterprisesBolton was a great fit to speak at the Youth Entrepreneur Summit. Business people must continue believing in their brands, even when they feel like giving up. The conference is off to a fabulous start and will continue until the end of the weekend! With more keynotes and workshops, attendees will be loaded with golden nuggets of knowledge.


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