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Mobile App Development

Improve Customer Experience


Provide a rich mobile experience to clients, vendors, and partners by extending and optimizing application functions via your mobile web presence. YADARI’s mobile application and mobile web development  services extend your business’s presence to the more than 10 million mobile users looking for businesses like yours. Our development platform allows rapid development of mobile applications and mobile websites that allow you to serve your customers when and where they want to be served.  With our mobile web platform you can build your brand, power your brand, market your brand and drive total customer engagement across all channels quickly and effectively.

Accelerate Growth


YADARI experts will define a “mobility roadmap” for your business, identifying features and functions best suited to your customer’s needs and behaviors. We strive to accelerate revenue growth and drive high levels of customer engagement.


Enhance Workplace Productivity


Mobile solutions also help optimize people resources. YADARI consultants design applications that improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs.

Empower yourself to:


   > Dispatch information and business applications through the mobile web for worker mobile interaction.   

   > Extend information and business applications to your clients.   

   > Establish mobile web brand identity with automated content-optimization. YADARI’s mobile emulator lets you design and preview all content as it would appear on a

      mobile device, and its intuitive,    visual mobile content manager allows mobile sites to be updated quickly and effectively.   

   > Integrate your mobile web page and mobile applications. Speed up time to market with  YADARI’s Mobile Marketing tools that generate an enhanced mobile experience

      by providing automated    mobile-optimization for images, videos, geo-location mapping, social media access, RSS feeds, Forms, Polls and more.


Mobile Strategy


Taking a business mobile is a top priority for many businesses. Customers and employees benefit greatly from mobile applications that facilitate interactivity and streamline operations. Through mobile technology, interaction takes place anywhere, any time, and that generates revenue growth and cost savings for your business.

When considering mobile app development, there are several options you’ll have to consider: native app, hybrid app or mobile app. Our team has worked to build numerous mobile solutions over the years, so whichever direction you choose to go, we can help.


But if you’re not sure which approach is best for you though, we can talk you through the options so you can decide the best solution for your business and your customers.

At YADARI we are not evangelizing a particular platform. We are cross platform mobile development experts. Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows as well as Android, Blackberry and the web technologies of HTML5 and CSS3. We will work with you to understand your business and apply the appropriate technologies to a given situation. We build apps for smartphones and tablets.


We specialise in working with the enterprise. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your business and its processes. This understanding drives the design and implementation of a mobile strategy across a department or across your whole enterprise.

Enterprise mobility goes beyond mobile applications — it impacts how you run your business.  As mobile adoption grows, it enables you to stay ahead of the competition. Contact us today.

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