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Gov. Contracting

Yadari’s GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract and CA CMAS Contract provide a streamlined vehicle for federal, state, and local agencies to purchase Yadari’s professional information technology services at highly competitive rates and benefit our public sector clients with shorter procurement cycles and reduced administrative costs.


Our clients obtain high-quality professional, engineering and information technology services through Yadari’s contract vehicles in an efficient, streamlined and cost-effective manner. We have competencies that allow our customers to satisfy their support requirements while ensuring they receive the price and quality of a competitive ordering environment.


The award of Yadari’s GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract is the result of an extensive evaluation process conducted by the General Services Administration, and demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality and determination to serve its Government clients.


Yadari prides itself on its history of service to its clients throughout the United States. It has been and continues to be our mission to help agencies better serve the public by offering best value services and products that simplify access to information coupled with the proper levels of security and innovation.


Download our Past Performance Documents:

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