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Enterprise CMS Solution

In today’s cost conscious competitive business environment, gaining control over your business information is not optional. Some estimates mark the level of unstructured information (files, e-mail, multimedia, test, forms, records, and other documents) at more than 80% of all information generated within an organisation today.


YADARI offers the world leading FileNet ECM solution to its customers who are looking to leverage the value of the unstructured information to run their businesses more competitively.


FileNet solutions enable business critical applications in client server or web-based and enterprise portal environments that extends document management functionality to a broad range of strategic business processes.


With the combination of content, process and connectivity, FileNet ECM solutions allow customers to build and sustain competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organization, automating and streamlining their business processes, and providing the full-spectrum of connectivity needed to simplify your critical and everyday decision-making.

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