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Economic Development & Small Business Outreach

YADARI Enterprises cares about the community within which it exists and conducts business. YADARI recognizes that the strength of that community lies in its ability to sustain itself-create wealth through commerce, promote good health, protect against harm, and impart knowledge to its residents. Small businesses are an essential part of any community and YADARI works to develop small businesses to strengthen communities.


The Community Initiative for Self Sustainability (CISS) was created to address the emerging needs of high risk communities in California in crisis because of the inability to sustain itself. YADARI's non-profit economic development division represents the commitment by YADARI to pursue the specific goal of community self sustainability through small business development and job creation.


Self sustainability is the driving force behind any prosperous community. The CISS initiative developed by YADARI has positioned itself to seek those grass roots organizations that work daily to improve their communities through commerce, education, health and protective services, and empower them through training and coaching and financial support to create self sustaining communities.


Core Elements of  CISS Program

YADARI envisions communities that are thriving, prosperous, and self-sustaining through commerce, and good mental and physical health. . The Community Initiative for Self-Sustainability – CISS- was developed to assist local communities in achieving self-sufficiency. CISS is a program offering Microenterprises and nonprofit organizations-faith & community based – with the foundation to succeed. The mission of the program is to grow organizations in the community to be efficient, resourceful and effective leading to self sustainability for themselves and the Communities they serve.


The program consists of the following core services:


    > Nonprofit Boot Camp

    > First Step FastTrac® Micro Enterprise Training

    > Business Development/Coaching

    > Professional Services

    > Micro Lending


Yadari consultants additionally offer a menu of products and services to assist the nonprofit, Faith-based community-based professional achieve success:


    > Grant writing-research, development, review

    > Research analysis and survey services

    > Community Needs Assessments

    > Communications-press releases, newsletters, email, web content

    > Telecommunications-low cost VoIP services

    > Web Services-design and hosting



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