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Cloud Services

Cut time. Cut cost. Period.


With our cloud integration services you can simplify your life and reduce your capital expenditures.  With so many market demands  and constant pressure to maintain competitiveness, wouldn’t you like to reduce the amount of money it takes to implement new initiatives within your organization?  Yadari does exactly that. Just like the name implies we cut time and the bonus is to cut costs as well. Our cloud integration services deliver the following attributes:


    On-demand: Get what you want, when you want IT.
    Scalable or Elastic: Get as much of IT as you need, exactly when you need IT, and cut IT back whenever you want.
    Metered Billing: Pay for just what you consume and only as long as you are using IT.
    Broad Network Access: You can access services via laptops, mobile phones, etc from any internet connection.


Cloud Pros


    Lower initial implementation cost
    Faster deployment
    Lower maintenance costs


Cloud Cons


    Dependent on Internet connectivity
    Features may be limited
    May not meet security or compliance requirements
    Performance may not match premise solutions

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